IntelliJ NEON Nette Support

Getting Started

NEON (Nette Object Notation; Neon format) is a custom configuration language similar to YAML.

Useful links

Migration guide from free plugin

  • Do not forget to uninstalling old free plugin

Installing the Plugin

Installation of IntelliJ NEON Nette Support is done through IntelliJ IDEA's integrated plugin manager. From within the application, open Preferences and select Plugins from the list on the left-hand side. This will show you the list of currently installed plugins. If you are currently using Neon free plugin then you must uninstall it before install NEON Nette Support.


Next, click the Marketplace tab, which allows you to browse through the plugins available on JetBrains' Marketplace. Enter "NEON" into the search field in the top left corner and select NEON Nette Support from the list. Finally, click the green Install button and restart the application. The plugin should now be installed, and you can set up your project.



If you are using integer keys, use:

20: test
Instead of:
"20": test

If you are using key after bullets definition and need more dimension arrays, use:

	- factory: Foo\Bar
	  	key: [foo: 123, bar: 456]
Instead of:
	- factory: Foo\Bar
			foo: 123
			bar: 456


  • Coding assistance (highlighting, completion, formatting, refactorings, etc.)
  • Navigation, search, information about types and implicits
  • Integration with PHP (completion, references, refactorings, etc.)
  • Integration with Nette framework (extension keywords, services, etc.
  • Structure view, typing helpers, etc.
feature-completion feature-find-usages

Known limitations

Services and parameters refactoring

  • Here problem with refactoring services and parameters that have more than one definition (only usages will be refactored)
  • For services and parameters with only one definition everything works fine

Move class

  • For now is not implemented Move class functionality. If you use it in PHP, then it will not affect Neon files.

Do not use mixed indents

  • Do not use mixed indents. Use only tabs or spaces
  • If you use spaces, use same count of spaces on all levels
  • Exception is only key after bullet where are used two spaces


Since 1.0.0, IntelliJ NEON Nette Support plugin is compatible with all major JetBrains IDEs with version 2021.1.1 and higher.

Bug Reports

Bug reports can be realized in GitHub public repository.

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